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About Us

Sparkle and Shine with Elf Pros

We bring your holiday dreams to life with our innovative design and impeccable service. Our designers collaborate closely with you to create a customized lighting display that captures the true essence of the season.

At Elf Pros, we take immense pride in upholding these core values:

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Your holidays shine with perfection.



We bring your dream display to life.



Stress-free, on-time installations.


Customer Satisfaction

Spreading joy, one light at a time.


Quality Assurance

Dazzling, Long-Lasting Illumination.



Illuminating Joyful Holidays.





Transform your home in a Christmas themed winter wonderland. Our elves will not only create a breathtaking display that will shine, but will also deliver a service experience like nothing most have ever seen before. You children and grandchildren will remember the Elf Pros experience

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Give your commercial property a special Christmas transformation with our dazzling and beautiful products. Studies show that businesses that light up for the holidays have significantly more foot traffic and increased profits during the Christmas season.

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Our Process

At Elf Pros, we handle all aspects of Christmas lights, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free experience. Our comprehensive services include:


Quote and Design

Our elves aim for 100% customer satisfaction. They will make sure that your home’s bright design is exactly the “Miracle on Your Street” that you desire.



We use the latest available LED technology to light your home. Our installation elves work on LED and electrical equipment year round and our 20+ years of experience as a Class A contractor is brightly evident.



Bulb out while our lights are up? Our service and repair elves are only a phone call and 24 hours away from making sure your home stays on Santa’s good looking lights list.



Tangled strands no more. What goes up must come down. We’ll remove all our equipment, store your lights safely and securely until next year when you are ready to repeat.


Is there a minimum cost?

Great question. Each home is different in terms of rooflines, complexity, and size. In general, our minimum project is approximately $1500-$1750. We find that the average customer spends around $2,500. This pricing ensures that we provide top-quality materials and exceptional service, while fairly compensating our insured installers. The total cost of your display will depend on the size and number of stories of your property, along with the specific areas where you want the lights installed. Additional elements like trees, bushes, pathway lighting, and decorations will also affect the overall price. As a returning customer, you can expect a lower cost next year, as we can reuse the lights from the previous installation.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and properly insured. If you are a commercial client or property owner with specific insurance coverage requirements, please let us know. We work with organizations of all sizes and are happy to provide a copy of our policy upon request.

Who owns the lights?

For our temporary seasonal customers, Elf Pros owns the lights. A customer is essentially hiring us to provide a service, to decorate your home or business for Christmas. We utilize our equipment to do that so that you never have to worry about maintaining, storing, or replacing tangled strands, etc. For permanently installed lighting, the customer owns that equipment and has the transferrable warranty with that product line.

Can we use our own lights?

Regrettably, we cannot install your personal lights as we cannot guarantee their quality or provide a warranty for them. Our service includes the provision of brand new, commercial-grade LED lighting, and custom-fit to your home or property. Additionally, we supply all necessary extension cords, photocell timers, and any clips, stakes, or ties required for a proper installation.

Is there any permanent damage from temporary or seasonal lighting?

Our clips and attaching materials generally leave no damage or blemishes. In rare cases, we use hardware that might penetrate the surface for anchoring a wreath or garland, etc. In those rare cases, our installer would always consult with the home or property owner to discuss the plan.

Do you need to be home for your installation?

For exterior lighting installations, most customers do not need to be present, as our highly-trained installation teams can complete the job without supervision. However, if the power supply access is located inside a garage or behind a locked fence or gate, the homeowner would need to be home.


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So thankful for the amazing job done by Elf Pros. The planning process was super easy and included a picture of where everything would be installed. Not only was the crew on time for installation but they were also very kind and friendly people. To make it even more fun, a cute sign was placed near their truck (“Caution Elves At Work”) and the Christmas music was playing for everyone to enjoy. Thank you Elf Pros for making this such a fun experience and providing our family with beautiful lights to enjoy this holiday season. We will 100% be doing this again.


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Our family is very thankful for Jim and the Elf Pros for giving us a beautiful blessing this season in a time of need. It was not only a surprise to hear they were wanting to do something special for us, but it goes to show who they are as a company. The lights were magnificent and brought a smile to all. I would highly recommend the Elf Pros to anyone looking for a professional lighting company.


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Elf Pros made Christmas Lighting easy and Magical- Love the Spirit of The Christmas season and With Elf Pros doing all the work , making our Home look cheerful and Bright, it makes The Season and life that much better and gives me more time to make life’s best memories. Thanks Elf Pros for making life a lot simpler in a hectic time of year. All five locations you did for us was With a spirit of excellence. Your Elf’s are the Best of all the rest!! Happy New Year.


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Elf Pros did an amazing job with the installation of our Christmas Lights this year. The lights look amazing and have started our Christmas season on a bright note. Jim was able to get us added at the last minute. Jim and his staff are honest, amazing, polite and very considerate. It is very hard to find people like Jim and his team of elves. If you are looking for a beautiful, professional and quick installation, call Elf Pros. Thank you, Elf Pros! We will contact you next year to keep this new tradition going. It also saves my husband from having to get on the ladder.


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Elf Pros did an amazing job! I would highly recommend them for your holiday lights. We’ve used a couple other companies in the past and Elf Pros are by far the best. From the initial contact to the completed installation, the entire crew made our job and satisfaction a priority. Fast, responsive and accountable! We have Elf Pros do all our holiday lights from now on.